Full Time Master's

HEM’s Grande Ecole Program, School of Business and Management in Morocco, spans over 5 years.

The first cycle lasts 3 years. It aims to provide the students with basic management training while consolidating their general knowledge, expression and communication skills. The first 2 years at HEM constitute an integrated preparatory round and the third year is focused on the different business functions.

At the end of this first cycle, the second cycle of two years – the Master’s – is directed towards specialization and professionalization, together with a deepening of the student’s general culture and managerial knowledge.

HEM thus offers several majors – Master’s :


HEM's Masters are in dual degrees with iaelyon School of Management - Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3 :



HEM’s Master programs are mostly classified Number 1 in Morocco Eduniversal Ranking "Best Masters Ranking 2015-2016".




Exchange opportunities exist, especially in the 2nd half of the Master I or Master II.

It is possible to be admitted to HEM, through a competitive entrance exam, directly in 4th year - Master I.


Reinforcing the Grande Ecole Program in 2015

In the context of HEM’s educational innovation policy and its three-year plan 2015-2017, the Grande Ecole Program is reinforced as of Fall 2015 taking into account the corporate world’s continually growing demand and the new needs & behaviors of younger generations.

This reinforcement is based on two major dimensions:


1- Review of programs and content for the purpose of

  • highlighting the gist of the courses for a clearer understanding by the student,
  • taking into consideration the latest management trends.


2. Revision of teaching methods and educational tools for the purpose of

  • enabling the student to grasp and better integrate the essential elements of the course by introducing regular sessions of synthesis, called “crystallization”
  • guiding the students towards more learning of the methodology and reasoning so that they could gain autonomy,
  • i ntroducing e-learning tools to improve learning efficacy.