Vision, Mission & Values

HEM Business School – Institut des Hautes Etudes de Management (Institute of Graduate Management Studies)- is a private Moroccan business school, recognized on May 24th, 1988 by the Ministry of National Education, as per decree # 28/88, as a higher education, training and research institute.

Founded by M. Abdelali BENAMOUR, president of the Conseil de la Concurrence (Competition Council), a former professor at Hassan II University and the Dean of the Higher Institute of Business Administration- ISCAE-, HEM Business School is initially the fruit of a partnership with La Banque Centrale Populaire. (

In 2013, IFC (International Finance Corporation), a member of the WORLD BANK Group, invested in HEM and became its institutional shareholder. This strategic partnership is a direct IFC investment in HEM to support the expansion plans of the Group.
IFC’s equity investment in HEM marks its first direct involvement with the education sector in Morocco.

Set up as a "Grande Ecole", HEM Business School selects students for admission based chiefly on national ranking in competitive exams and the completion of dedicated preparatory classes. HEM Business school does not have large student bodies and extends courses applying close supervision and interactive educational methods with a strong cultural and professional emphasis.

Over two decades of existence, HEM Business School has thus built a model based on strong values and relevant to our country's social and economic realities. The HEM Business School model is a pure product of Moroccan skills and yet is open on the world though renowned partnerships.

Our Vision

Morocco which boasts a long standing history and a rich cultural heritage is firmly committed to economic growth. Therefore, it necessarily needs to develop a high quality business education system. HEM Business School is set up to enhance the fundamental drivers of this up-and-coming Morocco.

Thus, HEM Business School is fully committed to training future successful leaders with a strong sense of citizenship and who are capable of bringing about change.

HEM Business School aims at ranking, by international standards, amongst the best business schools in Africa.

Our Mission

The mission of HEM Business School is to extend to managers with a sense of citizenship the right kind of “knowledge” and “how to act on it”, through the right educational approach, innovative research and a multidisciplinary team.

As far as "knowledge" is concerned, HEM Business School has opted for multi-skilled technical, management and general culture related knowledge.

"Knowing how to act," refers to training managers with behavioral and self-management skills; individuals who are fulfilled, confident, open, and able to adapt and develop ethical relationships with their partners. At the same time, "know-how" is important: train managers who committed to excellence and who know how to adapt, innovate, communicate and be able to show discipline and method.

Our Values

Five key values underpin HEM Business School philosophy and culture:

  • Effort: Engage with passion and excel in serving individual and collective ambitions.
  • Responsibility: Take over the stakes, honor commitments and be accountable for actions. Achieve consistency between speech and conduct.
  • Innovation: Anticipate, be receptive to changes and dare to change. Be a source of value creation by doing otherwise.
  • Humility: Be simple in one’s relations and respectful of self and other. Listen and accept differences for the sake of collective intelligence.
  • Ethics: Care for general interest. Be honest and exemplary in all types of relationships.