HEM job fair

HEM Business School Job Fair is organized each year and lasts for one day (during the fourth quarter of the active year).

It is primarily open to HEM Business School students, namely 1st year and 2nd year Masters program students seeking a pre-employment internship.

However, HEM Business School graduates and external senior graduate students are targeted by the fair.

The fair objective is twofold: first, to allow companies find the needed skills and profiles and, second, to enable Masters program students to find an internship and/or employment. That is why the fair offers a interaction space for businesses and students during the whole day.

The job fair features three activities:

- Stands:
Each participating company or placement firm will be offered a booth for free. Participating companies have the capacity to make “on the spot” internship assignment and employment proposals. Placement agencies coach students during this event.

- Workshops:
Through one-to-one interviews, companies or placement agencies are able to assess the expertise and know-being of students.

- Mini-conference:
These mini-conferences last thirty minutes and address business related topics (e.g. salaries in Morocco, career planning and human resources management ...).

HEM Business School "job fair" regularly national gathers famous national companies and multinational corporations.