Executive Master Marketing & Communication

Master Degree in Marketing & Communication of HEM Business School

HEM Business School organizes the Marketing and Communications MS jointly with the corporate Marketing and communication Master of the University of Panthéon - ASSAS Paris II.

The program leads, through a system of equivalence, to a double diploma.

The Paris II - Panthéon Assas University was initially renowned as an excellent law school. Now it is one of the leading universities in management, particularly in marketing, in France.

In 1999, the Panthéon ASSAS University signed an agreement with AACC (Association of Agencies in Communication and Consulting), which gave birth to the Master degree in Marketing and Business Communication.


The main objective of this program is to deliver professional qualification training, specialized in marketing and corporate communication. This training will allow participants a gradual responsibility taking in these two fields.

Graduates can exercise these responsibilities either with advertisers or at research firms, marketing consultancies or advertising agencies.


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