Cesem objectives

Original objectives and practices

CESEM has three main objectives:


1. Putting research at the service of better management practices:

By working in partnership with industry on applied research programs, CESEM aims at maximizing the relevance of its research work by relying on empirical data.

In parallel, and without this necessarily affecting the results of its scientific research, CESEM leads with business partners and institutions pilot projects related to topics likely to improve governance.


2. Improving the knowledge of the Moroccan economy within a global context:

This objective meets three needs:

  • Play a leadership role on several economic issues public and private, national and international decision makers should figure out.
  • Provide faculty with research matters, reflecting reality and enrich the methods available at HEM Business School (e.g. case studies production related to Moroccan companies or those based in Morocco)
  • Strengthen CESEM’s mission as a regional and Mediterranean research center.

3. Rethink management using social sciences

Management sciences have been, for several years, increasingly opening on sociology, anthropology, linguistics, semiotics, in order to find new ways to read and explore the complexity of the real world.


Out of anxiety to think the company and management in an open and specific fashion at the same time, CESEM integrates this paradigm in two forms :

  • Conducting multidisciplinary seminars to open up views and perspectives on management.
  • Taking into account this dimension in the constitution of teams and the design of research projects.