Corporate Finance

HEM’s Corporate Finance Major - Grande Ecole Program - Dual Master Degree with the Master of Finance and Control from iaelyon



The Corporate Finance Major in HEM’s Grande Ecole Program (fourth and fifth years - Master) is an in-depth training, which responds to a need, strongly expressed by the professional world, of specialists capable of coping with the increasingly growing complexity of one of the main business functions: the financial function.


The content of the training focuses on four dimensions:

  • Corporate finance with its analysis aspects, diagnosis and short and long-term management
  • Management control and piloting
  • Funding for national and international companies
  • Market finance.

The retained pedagogy relies on a balance between theoretical contributions related to the discipline and a practical approach based on real cases. Thus, the student, while assimilating the various financial theories, learns to respond to specific issues facing the corporate world.