CESEM, Unprecedented in Morocco


HEM Business School is the first private Moroccan management institute to open a research center CESEM - Centre for Social Economic and Managerial Studies, with a view of constantly   enhancing its program content and educational approaches.


Through this research center, HEM Business School mainly aims at:


  • Constantly enhancing its program content and educational approaches
  • Creating a sense of innovation and openness that challenges established academic ideas,
  • Bridging up the corporate world, through solid knowledge and research foundations.
  • Acting as a reliable and mature opinion leader in fields related to the economy and management
  • Networking into an ever-expanding cluster of research centers and with national and international scientists recognized by the scientific community.
  • Promoting HEM Business School image as Morocco's first private institution to have launched a research center with a vision, bringing the institute’s to match the best schools’ international standards.