International Management & Logistics - IML

HEM’s International Management and Logistics Major - Grande Ecole Program - Dual Master Degree with The Master in International Affairs From iaelyon



The International Management & Logistics Major in HEM’s Grande Ecole Program (fourth and fifth years - MASTER) is based on two fundamental facts: firstly, the practice of a management adapted to the context of globalization which presupposes a real ability to use appropriate techniques and to understand all dimensions of the international environment (cultural, human, legal, institutional and technological), and, secondly, logistics as one of the major strategic issues for many national and international organizations.

This training, thus responding to new demands expressed by the organizations, companies and professionals, aims to develop students’ managerial skills in terms of International Management as well as Logistics. It seeks to:

  • equip them with a thorough understanding of the framework and operating mechanisms of the economy and international trade through in-depth study of their monetary, financial, legal, human dimensions;
  • acquire the concepts and techniques to solve problems related to the control of infrastructures and the supply chain.