Governance Bodies

Four governance bodies ensure HEM Business School strategic management in a complementary fashion :

Board of Directors

The Board’s mission is to ensure a proper running of the institute, both in terms of academic affairs and results, in accordance with the law.

The Board meets twice a year.


Council for Academic Affairs

It is the institute’s academic decision making body. Its mission is to assess the teaching activity as a whole and to approve programs, curriculum content as well as teaching methods based on the grounds of requests from all stakeholders to change or develop programs.

The Council is chaired by HEM Business School’s top management and is made up of all academic directors and campus principals, academic departments’ managers, two visiting teachers, two representatives of the world of business, a representative of the student body from each campus and two internal or external guests.

It meets once a year but may hold extraordinary meetings upon the request of HEM Business School’s Academic affairs director.


Strategic Advisory Board

Beyond facilitating the information flow, the Board’s mission is to issue recommendations to the board of directors and the council for academic affairs, ensure the implementation of all HEM Business School‘s strategic and operational decisions and guarantee the consistency of HEM Business School’s regional centers’ action as a whole.

It is made up of group executives, and central and regional directors.

The board convenes twice a month.


General Council

The Council’s mission is to inform HEM Business School management on the projects implemented by the strategic advisory board and collect its ideas and suggestions on any possible improvements.

It is made up of group executives, central and regional directors and heads of departments.

The Council meets once a month.