Economia platform

"Economia" platform web


All work done by CESEM is summarized and published in “Economia" and broadcast to a wide audience both in Morocco and abroad.


“" is a policy oriented platform web designed to serve research by highlighting the research work conducted or valued by CESEM, and by helping to strengthen the links between HEM Business School and the corporate on the one hand and between HEM Business School and the academic sphere.


As an interface with the public, " Economia” mission consists in:


  • Creating a public debate on general interest issues
  • Providing policy makers, economic managers and senior business leaders with key insights to analyze and act on social, economic and managerial issues.
  • Building bridges between researchers from traditionally separated disciplines.
  • Making snapshot factual readings along with useful recommendations to students, researchers and professional associations.
  • Contributing economic, critical and reliable subjects to be exploited and disseminated by the media.