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The HEM Group joins the LCI Education network

Du : Wed, 28/11/2018 - 11:00 Au : Tue, 31/12/2019 - 16:00 (Toute la journée)

Morocco - Canada

LCI Education is proud to announce a strategic partnership with the HEM Group, the Institut des Hautes Études de Management (Institute for Advanced Management Studies). Among other institutions, the HEM Group includes five HEM Business School campuses in Morocco, as well as Med Métiers, the Institut Supérieur des Métiers Industriels (Advanced Institute for Industrial Professions) in Tangier. This alliance strengthens LCI Education’s presence in Africa, where the network first started its international expansion in 1989 with the opening of a first campus in Casablanca, then another in Tunis soon after.

“LCI Education is proud to count the HEM Business School among its members. As the number one private business and management school in Morocco, the school has a very high profile not only in Morocco, but all across Africa. This partnership aligns perfectly with our vision of becoming the largest network of higher learning institutes renowned worldwide,” explains Claude Marchand, CEO of LCI Education. “It is an honor to welcome the entire HEM team to our network, as well as the Benamour family, which will remain fully involved in this partnership. What a wonderful opportunity to celebrate two important anniversaries together: 30 years of the HEM Group and the 30th anniversary of our presence in Morocco.”



“In joining the LCI Education network, HEM will benefit from the support of a well-established and well-respected network of higher learning institutes in Canada and around the world, contributing to our actions and development in Morocco, Africa and beyond,” adds Yasmine Benamour, Director and CEO of the HEM Group, who will be at this occasion, named President of LCI Education Africa.

HEM will enjoy the advantages of an international network with a presence on 5 continents: 

  • Access to the latest worldwide trends and development of an internationally -focused curriculum.
  • Exposure to a wide range of cultural diversity, with students from over 90 countries enrolled at institutions in the LCI Education network.
  • Portfolios, a social platform enabling students and graduates to showcase their accomplishments, their expertise and their creativity for both the general public and employers in search of tomorrow’s talent. 


About LCI Education 

An international network of higher learning institutes, LCI Education includes 23 campuses on 5 continents, including campuses in Montréal, Barcelona, Casablanca, Tunis, Istanbul, Melbourne and Vancouver. Active for the past 60 years, it has 3,000 employees who support more than 17,000 students each year. The network serves as a hub for shared expertise and provides a strong brand for all of its campuses. The LCI Education network offers an education model that keeps pace with social changes, preparing students to become inspiring global citizens and the leaders of tomorrow. 


About the HEM Group 

The HEM Group, founded in 1988 by Professor Abdelali Benamour, promotes higher education in management, to educate socially responsible leaders with a combination of expertise and practical knowledge, through programs that balance technical skills and personal development. 

The HEM Group in Morocco has five HEM Business School campuses as well as Med Métiers, the Institut Supérieur des Métiers Industriels (Advanced Institute for Industrial Professions) in Tangier. It includes the Economia applied research institute, founded 10 years ago and based on the principle of sharing and spreading knowledge through the www.economia.ma platform, which is accessible to all—the only one of its kind in Morocco. Social engagement has been very important to the HEM Group since its inception, including numerous social and cultural activities, as well as the work of the HEM Foundation with its rich variety of activities and knowledge-sharing opportunities.  

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