Junior Enterprise

The HEM Business School Junior Enterprise is a student organization whose goal is to offer its members the opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge gained through their studies at HEM Business School. It is intended to act as a bridge between theory and practice.


In other words, the association aims to provide HEM Business School students additional practical training tools and foster the creation of active industry relationships, namely, participation in market studies, projects and various other works.

First It allows the student to practice a management role through the design and the implementation of concrete projects. It also HEM Business School Junior Enterprise clients to benefit from the students cost effective skills and motivation.


To achieve its goal, the HEM Business School Junior Enterprise offers businesses a line of paid services (business plan, market or satisfaction research, advertising campaigns, etc...). 

Thanks to its interaction with academics and with the support of its partners, HEM Business School Junior Enterprise is able to provide its customers quality services.

The offered product line is naturally developed based on skills that Association members acquire all along their course of study.