Human Resources Management – HRM

HEM’s Human Resource Management Major - Grande Ecole Program - Dual Master Degree with

The Master of Human Resource Management & Organization from iaelyon



The Human Resources Management Major in HEM’s Grande Ecole Program (4th and 5th year Master) aims to train executives, capable of integrating the functions of mentoring and expertise in the various fields of Human Resources, and thus respond to an increasingly growing demand of the Moroccan company.

The program seeks to provide students, beyond the fundamental knowledge of management, the theoretical concepts related to human capital management, teams, coupled with a work-like situation through business missions in the form of internships.

Thus, there are three objectives to this major:

  • Integrate the strategic tools necessary for an efficient control of the HR function.
  • Master the most advanced human resource management techniques in both the company and the HR office.
  • Develop instruments which, on the one hand, impact different attitudes towards company stakeholders at all levels of the hierarchy and, on the other hand, promote the emergence of a climate of trust and mutual respect necessary for good productivity.