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HEM Students Winternship Week 2020, HEM Business School, Janvier 2020

HEM Students Winternship Week 2020

Du : Lun, 06/01/2020 - 08:00 Au : Lun, 13/01/2020 - 17:45 (Toute la journée)


“Students Winternship Week” of HEM is an opportunity for participating students to spend an unforgettable study tour week with a comprehensive program that includes, in a glance, an 18h seminar on “SOCIAL  INNOVATION & ENTREPRENEURSHIP” coupled with Team Building and Fun activities in interaction with students from HEM Business School and other international partner schools.


  • Tangier a must-visit city in Morocco
  • Opportunity to meet 60 students from di­fferent nationalities (severals nationalities were represented in the last editions)
  • Team building activities, like bringing together a team around
  • Outdoor workshop in PERDICARIS a Great Botanical park
  • The seminar equals 3 ECTS, for undergraduates and 5 ECTS for graduates students.



  • Place : HEM Tangier, Morocco
  • Arrival Date : Monday January 6th, 2020
  • Return Date : Monday January 13th 2020
  • Accommodation in Tangier : Rembrandt Hotel 3*, recently renovated, very well situated in a downtown area with a breathtaking bay view​



  • Monday January 6th: Arrival to Tangier
  • Tuesday 7th and Wednesday 8th January: SEMINAR “SOCIAL INNOVATIONS & ENTREPRENEURSHIP”
  • Thursday January 9th: 50 dhs Challenge with a pitch session in technopark 
  • Friday January 10th: Outdoor workshop in PERDICARIS (subject to good weather) Botanical Park which also others breathtaking views of the Strait of Gibraltar and the ocean. The goal behind it is precisely to inculcate the objectives of sustainable development through the Game.
  • Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th January: Week-end at leisure, enjoy it on your own !
  • Monday January 13th​: Departure.



The Seminar “SOCIAL INNOVATIONS & ENTREPRENEURSHIP” addresses innovative concepts in management having a high impact, at both economic, social and environmental level. Inspired by new business models and representing a great potential for socio-economic development, particularly for emerging countries, those concepts are based on a major statement : “doing business by doing good”. The seminar is adopting an active pedagogy where exchanges with participants are requested while exploring and analyzing case studies. Questions to be addressed will be : why should we do business differently ? what concepts are to be explored in doing so ? How to implement a social innovation in Entrepreneurship ? And what is the return of investment of such new business models ?



  • Social innovation
  • Entrepreneurship and social issues
  • Fair trade
  • Inclusion and diversity
  • Shared value
  • Sustainable development



Participants can be 3 year bachelor students or master students. This edition was attended by 16 participants from different nationalities allowing them to be exposed to various cultures, backgrounds and business contexts. Interesting and fruitful exchanges were expected from this unique international experience.



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