Graduation internship - 5th year

The internship is voluntary and runs for 16 weeks at least. It takes place at the end of the year in order to provide a pre-employment training opportunity if need be.

As students have to submit in fifth year a final research project they have prepare throughout the year and defend in July, they are required to write only an executive summary (of no more than 10 pages).

Content Wise

The summary deals with the training mission, its main issue, the actions to be taken and the decisions to be made.

This document is not a training report describing the different tasks performed during the training. It is a mission summary that describes clearly the main issue, the various possible solutions thereto, the solution adopted and the results obtained.

The plan of the summary may be as follows:

  • A brief introduction of the company
  • The main issue (problem)
  • Methodology used : process, methods of investigation involved ( the fundamental theoretical references, analysis and diagnostic tools)
  • The results obtained.

The summary aims at presenting, in a profession and a synthetic way, the results of a 16 week mission. It must be designed, produced and delivered to recipients on time. It does not require any particular supervision. Student will receive a descriptive sheet of what is expected from them. The summary will be presented before the final oral examination in about 10 minutes.


Beside the supervision ensured by the company on site, HEM Business School monitors trainees through the teacher appointed by the assignments validation committee. Monitoring takes place at 2 levels:

  • During the training: to ensure the proper conduct of the training mission through one to two one-to-one meetings and mail exchange.
  • After the training: supervising the preparation of the executive summary. It consists of a 6 students’ group session organized by the 2nd cycle department.

At the end of the year, and according to the studies’ department schedule, the supervisor evaluates the documents produced by the trainee.


The student is evaluated by the supervisor at two levels:

  • by filling in the follow-up sheets that contain the appreciations made during the mandatory supervision sessions organized by the Masters’ department,
  • by correcting the final the final report.

Important: 12/20 is the minimum mark required to validate the end of studies training. Failing to obtain this mark leads to the non validation of the training.