General internship - 3rd year

Educational Objectives


During this internship, the student shall totally grasps the way all departments of the company function.


The general information training within a company runs for six weeks during which the junior student get fully acquainted with the way all company departments work and are organized between them, as well as their  information channels and modes.

This internship is designed to help 3rd year students choose their major.

Internship Step by Step

Step 1: The Search for an Internship (during the 1st semester)

The student is required to find an internship on his or her own. In his or her search, he/she is supervised by the Corporate Relations Department (ERD) of his/her Campus.

This supervision, which is done on an individual and student group basis, aims at:

  • Explaining the procedure to follow,
  • Providing guidance in writing resumes and cover letters,
  • Following up the administration aspects of internship agreements (an internship memo and a schedule are given to students).

The internship agreement is an official document jointly signed by the company supervisor, the Head of RPD and the student. It specifies the duration and general conditions of the internship in the host company. No placement can be validated without the prior deposit of the internship agreement with RPD under a predetermined schedule.

The supervisor is the person who oversees and guides the student in the company and whose name appears in the training agreement

Step 2: During the Internship 

Hard work and involvement are key requirements during the internship. Any absence must be justified both with the company and the ERD. Total justified absences should not exceed one week, otherwise the training cannot be validated and the student could be required to retake it in August or September of the active year.

In addition, the student is required to inform the SAR and supervisor of any difficulties arising during the internship.

Step 3: At the End of the Internship

Upon completion of the internship, the student has to hand in an activity report, using the appropriate form according to the internship type. The non-validation of the report leads to the adjournment thereof. The internship's report is to be elaborated individually.

Manuals at the ERD office detail the report’s form, content and presentation modes.


HEM Business School provides educational support for students during the 3 above mentioned steps through the following:
The DRE monitors and guides the student before, during and after the internship. The department assigns each student a faculty member/supervisor before starting the internship. It manages, therefore, all academic activities related to the internship.

The supervising teacher’s mission is twofold:

  • On the internship site : acts in liaison with the company’s supervisor in order to:
  • ensure that the student is getting a good reception at the company
  • establish and maintain contact with the supervisor
  • Give a good image of the institution with the host company.

- This coordination is done through site visits and contacts made (by phone, e-mail, ...).

- After the internship: supervising, monitoring, advising and correcting the internship report.

Attending coaching sessions is mandatory. These sessions are scheduled in the SAR. They are displayed and must be consulted by students on a daily basis at the beginning of the internship.

Missing these meetings may result in postponing the internship's report submission.


The student is jointly assessed by his/her academic and company supervisors as follows:

- The academic supervisor assesses the student based on two components:

  • By filling on the one hand, a "follow up sheet", a document containing findings collected during coordination visits to the host company supervisor.
  • By correcting the internship report, on the other hand.

- The company supervisor hands back to the DRE office an evaluation form, scoring the student’s involvement and behavior. This form is used by the academic supervisor in the evaluation.

The student's final grade is the one given by the academic supervisor for the internship report.

The minimum grade required to validate the internship report is 10/20.

A schedule is established each year and is made available to students. They must comply with the set deadlines in order to validate their internship. A copy of this schedule is available upon request at the administration office.