Développement Personnel à HEM - HEM Business School


This is a very original concept on account of its objectives, its content, pedagogical approach and organization. It spans over four semesters of the first two years of HEM’s Grande Ecole Program with an overall consistency and a well-defined progression.


Through this activity, HEM seeks to enable the student to:

• Achieve a methodical mindset (methodology, analytical mind ...)

• Learn the meaning of nuance

• Find a personal interest in a joint action (create motivation)

• Learn to plan for the future (long term perspective)

• Develop a sense of membership in a group without denying

• Develop sensitivity to human values


By achieving these objectives, the desired impact is twofold: it is first during training, in terms of student involvement and motivation; thereafter, it is for the graduate’s profile, in terms of reasoning ability and attitude.


Fundamental Principles

The success of this activity depends on the involvement, approach and position of the three main actors: facilitators who run these seminars, students who follow them, the HEM administration that manages the whole thing.

This requires the appropriation of 4 fundamental principles in terms of cohabitation; that is balance between:


La réussite de cette activité est conditionnée par l’implication, l’approche et la posture des trois acteurs principaux : les animateurs qui assurent l’animation des ces séminaires, les étudiants qui les suivent et l’administration de HEM qui gère le tout.

Ceci passe par l’appropriation de 4 principes fondamentaux, en termes de cohabitation voire d’équilibre entre :

• Coercion and membership

• Transmission and sharing

• Trusting and questioning

• Conceptualizing and sense of reality


These principles explicitly show in actuality the foundations of HEM’s educational project as a whole.



Students of 1st and 2nd year.


The approach to this course - seminar is based on:

• Learning through the situation scenario

• Working in creative workshops

Number of hours

144 hours over 2 years, i.e. 4 courses of 36 hours.


Seminar Content

The seminar content is structured around five main areas (1 day = 6 hours):

• Area 1: Methodology Workshops (2 days per semester)

• Area 2: Workshops viewing of a work (one day per semester)

• Area 3: Workshops situation scenario / Role Play Games (1 day per semester)

• Area 4: Imaginary Workshops - Creating successively a tale, a video, a TV news bulletin, a website or other (2 half-days per semester)

• Area 5: Enhancement Workshops / “The great debaters” (1 day per semester)

The themes addressed in each area vary over the semesters, depending on the level of the student. Each area gives rise to a written or visual output by the student.



CREATIS is educationally managed at two levels:

• It is headed by a senior coordinator who ensures the consistency of all areas, i.e. the department head in charge of staff development.

• It requires the timely intervention of facilitators solicited for their expertise in a specialty area and / or their expertise in facilitating events aiming at obtaining specific results (coaches, ...).


Student Evaluation

The evaluation is based primarily on student involvement and partially on the quality of output. Thus, at the end of each sequence, the facilitator gives two grades:

• A grade on the involvement of each student in the various activities of the sequence, particularly in the preparation workshops. It is weighted at 60%.

• A group grade on the quality of output. It is weighted at 40%.

These two grades with their weighting appear on the biannual transcript of the student. Thus the grade comes into play in the rules governing passing the course on a par with other subjects.


Project Evaluation

Since “CREATIS” aims to achieve specific educational objectives, an anonymous evaluation questionnaire is submitted to the various stakeholders and learners at the end of each coverage area to ensure the effectiveness of the seminar and the mastery of its processes.

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